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RHO Aviation Training Services

Australian Helicopters
Bell Helicopters

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service - Rescue 700
Australian Helicopters are contracted to provide helicopters for SAR and Customs CoastWatch and Aero Medical Services for the Paramedics to transport patients from the islands to the main hospital at Thursday Island. Over 60% of ambulance cases require a tasking in the helicopter. The primary nature is inter-facility transfers from the Island Health Centres

Due to the distances and nature of tasking in the area, the aircraft can be configured to a specific role within 20 minutes.

VH-EMZ is the primary EMS tasked helicopter. Training is regularly undertaken by Paramedics on site with the helicopter crews.


Bell 412
2x Turboshaft engines
Fitted with floats on skids

Nominal Crew - EMS
Aircrew person
Rescue Crew person
Paramedic -
 Lifepac 12
Advanced Airway and Drugs and rescue/retrieval equipment.


60% of ambulance cases are performed in the helicopter by TI Paramedics


Winching is required training for Paramedics to retrieve patients from difficult areas and shipping

Paramedics are required to perform flight duty during their normal roster. Paramedics must undertake the following training before being designated for flight duties including HUET (helicopter underwater escape training), Helicopter Safety and Winching.

The HUET course that RHO Aviation Training Services conducts is recognised under the Australian Quality Training Framework PMSOHS214A Helicopter Safety and Escape, with a currency of two years and all students on successful completion will receive a Statement of Attainment and a photo ID HUET card.

Paramedics and Aircrew in the RHO Aviation HUET Trainer on Thursday Island
Non EMS Tasking
The Search and Rescue area of responsibility for Thursday Island includes the Gulf of Carpentaria to the N.T border, and north to the PNG coastline. The SAR area also includes the entire Torres Strait and the east coast of Cape York Peninsular south to Cape Grenville. This Area has an increasingly high incidence of SARs due to the extensive SAR area and as a result of vessels being the main form of transportation within the Area. The QPS is tasked with providing a SARMAC and three ASARMAC's presently stationed at Thursday Island. These officers operate on a rotational call out roster to co-ordinate SAR missions.



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